July - August 2023

Experimental, electronic musical instruments
SommerMusikFest | Wolfstein/Pfalz (DE)


ArtesMobiles @ SommerMusikFest

Workshop - Experimental, electronic musical instruments

29. July - 06. August 2023


Röther Weg 24, 67752 Wolfstein


In the middle of summer, we celebrate a lively festival. One week time to kiss the muses, time for you and others, for... Music & Dance ... Lounging & Practicing ... Learning & Getting to know ... Celebrating & Resting ... Playing & Listening ... Sense & Nonsense ... Every day over 70 workshops ... Every night dancing ... Lots of sessions and concerts.

The SommerMusikFest offers daily over 70 courses where you can learn all kinds of unusual and un-usual things. From Alpine dance to Central African drumming, we have it all!

Courses can be taken as many as you want or can stand.

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