February 2023

[Workshop]Art Centre Bethanien | Berlin (DE)

MergingEntities_my body is my instrument @ tanz:digital

Process, Dynamics, Discourse Workshop from 05. to 07. February 2023 at Art Centre Bethanien in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Over the course of three days, choreographers, dancers, media artists and academics will debate the extent to which digital tools, technologies and spaces can take on aesthetic and political functions and discuss political realities. The individual competences and questions of the participating artists will contribute to an increase in knowledge for all, as will the exchange with experts and scholars. Contributions on topics such as augmented reality, robotics, motion capture, machine learning, score creation and virtual narration are represented. In addition to exchange formats, the workshop also offers the opportunity to try out high-quality documentation technologies.


German Center of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) // Mediathek for Dance and Theatre

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