March 2022

[Premiere & Shows]
Schaubühne Lindenfels | Leipzig (DE)

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Premiere: 03.March 2022

Shows: 04.March 2022 5:30 pm & 8:30 pm

SystemFailed: In a performative experimental set-up, ArtesMobiles tests the use of a self-developed AI system together with the audience and examines the power structure in the digitalized world. Together, they embark on a research journey that is at once a simulation game, a test run, and a stocktaking, and devote themselves to the question of how deeply artificial intelligence intervenes in our lives. The effects of algorithmically controlled power systems are shown and questioned in a playful way. With the help of a personalized tracking system, the audience experiences in real time how an artificial intelligence predicts and evaluates its movements in space. Supposedly arbitrary machine decisions are linked to a strict system of rules in the improvised play of participants and performers. With AI, a temporary micro-society is formed - and the question of how we want to shape it.


Concept: ArtesMobiles | Performance: Milena Gürtler, Mad Kate, Juliane Torhorst | Direction: Nina Maria Stemberger | Audiovisual Direction: Birk Schmithüsen | Sound Design: Elisa Battisutta | Lighting Design: Hans Leser | Dramaturgical Support: Lea-Maria Kneisel | Visuals: Wieland Hilker, Caren Müller | Programming TouchDesigner: Lennart Beese | Programming machine learning (AI): Marcus Ding | Costume: Juan Chamié, Mad Kate | Technical direction: Hendrik Fritze | Light operator: Fabian Arat, Luise Graeff | Tracking: Fabian Luepke | Moderation: Flugwerk | Technical assistance: Sophie Krause | Assistant director: Elisabeth Eichler, Jasmin Lein | Accounting Management: Irina Hofmann | Video documentation: Alexander Hector | Photo documentation: Caroline Wimmer | Graphics: Max Adam | Web design: Benji Lee Martin | Intern: Isabella Jahns

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