February 2022

[technical development & showing]
Center for art and media| Karlsruhe (DE)

SystemFailed: A performative experiment around the "human" factor

"Does digitalization lead to more freedom, or does it endanger our humanity?"

This is the question posed by the performance group ArtesMobiles as part of a social experiment. Automated structures of rule and algorithmic systems of government are made playfully tangible in a simulation. The audience forms a temporary micro-society that is observed and investigated by three researchers. Every movement is tracked by an artificial intelligence (AI) and evaluated with a specific point system. The subjects have the choice to collect or lose points, i.e. to behave according to the norm or against normative rules. In the field of tension between individual and collective action, the question of self-determination arises in a seemingly overpowering system. Who dares to rebel and who is willing to adapt to the system? Can an individual change something, or does it take a critical mass to change collective action?


Concept: ArtesMobiles | Performance: Milena Gürtler, Mad Kate, Juliane Torhorst | Direction: Nina Maria Stemberger | Audiovisual Direction: Birk Schmithüsen | Sound Design: Elisa Battisutta | Lighting Design: Hans Leser | Dramaturgical Support: Lea-Maria Kneisel | Visuals: Wieland Hilker, Caren Müller | Programming TouchDesigner: Lennart Beese | Programming machine learning (AI): Marcus Ding | Costume: Juan Chamié, Mad Kate | Technical direction: Hendrik Fritze | Light operator: Fabian Arat, Luise Graeff | Tracking: Fabian Luepke | Moderation: Flugwerk | Technical assistance: Sophie Krause | Assistant director: Elisabeth Eichler, Jasmin Lein | Accounting Management: Irina Hofmann | Video documentation: Alexander Hector | Photo documentation: Caroline Wimmer | Graphics: Max Adam | Web design: Benji Lee Martin | Intern: Isabella Jahns

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