A Collective Performance

Next show: 19.06.2020

Entrance 19:30–20:15 CET |  Showtime 20:30–22:00 CET

Limited Number
of Seats!


We have created a format for you, the audience, to meet in the virtual theatre space. This evening you will not spend anonymously and lonely in front of your screen, on the contrary! Here you will have a collective experience and maybe you will finally get the answer from the universe that you have always been waiting for.
BehindWalls sees itself as a platform for artists of the “free scenes”. The dance_ video_ performance_ music_contributions have been created in China, Germany, Greece, Switzerland and Spain.

The online streaming is not public, but designed for a few viewers, which makes the evening a special and intimate experience.

The proceeds of this campaign are intended to benefit people who live in the camps in front of the fences of Fortress Europe under unworthy, inhuman and hopeless conditions.

Art is our activism!

Concept: ArtesMobiles With: Andrea Cruz, Asuka & Emmanouela, Birk Schmithüsen, Bob Jones, Chrissi, Christoph Lehmann, Esri Meshugga, Eleni Danesi & Myrto Shae & Senior Gato, Gen.Pi, Hannah Drill & Thalia Schmitt, Jule Torhost, Lefteris Kastrinakist, Moritz Ross, Nina Maria Stemberger, The Slow Blade, Wali, Wilma Larum


Our interactive theatre experience takes place on the video conferencing platform “Zoom”, which allows participants and hosts in a so-called “meeting” to interact with a limited number of participants in a digital space.

You can participate if you:
  • use a laptop with a good internet connection
  • turn on your camera and microphone for this
  • you agree to let us record you and be part of our public Internet documentation

If you don't want to show your face, there are also “make-up tips that trick facial recognition” or you can search for the artist “Adam Harvey facial recognition”.

Choose a “fakename”, turn your camara and microphone on and be avaible in front of your computer!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Enter the theatre
To enter our Zoom Foyer, click on the following link and enter the following password:

If you are experiencing technical issues with launching Zoom from the link above, check our Trouble Shooting Section.

  • Please notice

    We are aware that Zoom had a privacy issue with stolen login data, but we couldn’t find any other video conferencing platform that would work properly for a bigger amount of people (besides Google). Jitsi works for small meetings, but is lagging with a bigger amount of people.

    Zoom uses an encrypted connection, when you use the client software. If you don’t create an account (or in case you have an account you use a strong password) and you use a fake username, we think this platform is worth using for this art project.

Trouble Shooting: Technical Problems with Zoom

If your Browser stays at this screen …

… and Zoom doesn’t launch automatically from the browser, try one of the following solutions:

Solution 1
  1. Restart your browser.
  2. Click on the entry link again.
Solution 2
  1. Download and install the Zoom App.
  2. Open it and go to “Join Meeting”.
  3. Enter this Meeting ID:
    871 8746 1694

The Artists

Andrea Cruz

“I develop my work around the contemporary scene, the elements with which I elaborate my pieces are highly fused and contaminate each other, creating an aesthetic experience with a personal stamp, which attempt goes beyond its content and form and leaves it 'viewer a sense of travel, movement, shake.”


Known for our softly eye-catching stage sets, we make inviting places whose ambience is timeless. This is how we create a space between vintage and science fiction. Sometimes we are pompous glamor, sometimes just a black room, a projected surface, a site-specific spectacle or a performative installation. We dissolve the academic and cultural categories and break the boundaries between art, theater and technology. Therefore, we stage cross-genre and combine in our performances these art forms with the technologies of contemporary media.


The two Berlin based dancers met in 2018 for a creation for Constanza Macras-dorkypark and started their collaboration in early 2019. The movement vocabulary is strongly influenced by contemporary dance, urban dance, martial arts and Folklore dealing with current, social topics.

Birk Schmithüsen

Birk Schmithüsen is an audiovisual artist based in Leipzig (DE). His work explores emerging technologies that affect our everyday lives. He is interested in the actual functionality hidden in a black box behind the simple and intuitive user interface. In his artistic research he opens technological black boxes. In aesthetic experiments, Birk Schmithüsen explores non-perceptible, abstract concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, BigData and Computer Vision as artistic media. The research results are staged in immersive new media installations. Between explanatory approaches through data visualization, abstract, aesthetic reuse of emerging technologies and speculative concepts, he opens up new perspectives on current topics.

Birk Schmithüsen works as a solo artist but also in collaboration with visual artists, musicians, performers and researchers. His works were shown at key media art festivals, including Ars Electronica and Chaos Computer Congress. Birk Schmithüsen holds a diploma in fine art and got an EMAP/EMARE grant. He co-founded the artist collective ArtesMobiles and the visual art label FlashClash.

Bob Jones

Based in Berlin, Eli aka Bob Jones travels with her self-built large format camera as a mobile photo booth. Built from found wood, the camera seeks to find stillness in moments of consumption. A meditative yet spontaneous photographic process is followed by instant materialization, thus producing an allegory of the surroundings. The stoic presence of the camera and the performative act of the photographer create a ritualistic and contemplative energy that manifests in a portrait which cannot be reproduced. In a hyper-digitalized world, Eli cherishes the tangible and offers you an auto-portrait of your analogue self.


Former philosophy student realized that “living your life” means to DO stuff, in my case: cooking, dancing and especially painting!

Christoph Lehmann

Freelance lighting designer, documentary photographer, video artist and cultural manager.

Eleni Danesi, in collaboration with LatoMeio Project

“I am a body architect and interdisciplinary artist, experimenting with various art media, from experimental video and photography, to live painting and movement improvisation. With my work, I try to capture narratives of emotions expressed in movement language. The notion of transformation has always been a great inspiration for my works, and represents moments of patience and bravery in life situations.”

Esri Meshugga

Esri is a performance and visual artist, dancer, choreographer, dj, entrepreneur and a lover. She is a founding member of the Balagan Association and has worked in different projects with Kollektiv Artes Mobiles.

Hannah Drill & Thalia Schmitt

Hannah Drill is a german actress and performer. After her exam in 2015 she played in different productions in the free theater scene in Berlin. In Autumn 2019 Hannah started her Master in acting/performing arts at the Züricher Hochschule der Künste.

Thalia Schmitt is studying cultural sciences and scenetic arts in Hildesheim, Germany. She have done several performances in theatre. Thalia is focused on movement and creating her own pieces.

Jule Torhorst

Jule Torhorst works as a performer and director at the theatre. Living in Berlin, she works with amateurs and professionals throughout Germany. She specialises in site-specific productions and is constantly researching to make political & socially relevant topics tangible with theatrical, artistic means.

Lefteris Kastrinakis

“I have been experimenting with several forms and practices, from time-based media to printed material and installations, that explore the cross section between digital space and physical world. I seek to create scenarios that meander into the uncanny valley blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction, transforming perceptions of space and time. Alienated entities, animated movements, fabricated environments work in conjunction with speculative forms to question and expand our everyday experience. I am currently based in Berlin working as a freelance animator and video artist.”

Nina Maria Stemberger

Nina Maria Stemberger is a performance artist, choreographer, theater and dance educator. She cofounded the performance collective ArtesMobiles. In her work, she repeatedly asks herself how art in public space can be an integral part of the development of future perspectives and how it can be shaped.

Moritz Ross

“I love life”

The Slow Blade

The Slow Blade is the project of Dann Gaymer (Guiguisuisui, Nekroma, Shining Dimensions, Daftpop), a British born artist who has spent the past decade living in Asia and touring the world. The Slow Blade sound consists of electric folk and blues, mixing in elements of punk, post rock, and ambient music, accompanied live by improvised visuals to create dark vignettes of people, places, and conversations that will all one day be long gone.

Wali (Elijah Wright)

Wali (Elijah Wright) is a New Zealand-born painter, writer, musician and film-maker who is currently residing in Berlin.

Alongside their musical career, Wali has curated numerous art exhibitions and events. For the exhibition Eden laid bare, they constructed and mounted a 5 by 2 meter wooden frame in the public space of Eden Terrace (Auckland), where they displayed the A0-formatted photographic prints of artist Eli Eichler. Wali and Eichler are currently working on a film project, using an analogue VHS camera and experimental sound devices. Their work, both visual and musical, stems from the absurd, visceral experience of human existence. A subtle, beautifully aching vulnerability is constantly present in their artistic output, translated into poetic lyrics, expressive imagery and delicate rhythms. The unfamiliar continental experience of an islander in Europe informs the intuitive nature of Wali's art, which stands isolated from any unnecessary frills.

Wilma Larum

She feels sometimes like a pudding and knows that she has to follow the way of trying things out to achieve the aim to grow as a Carya illinoiensis.


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