June 2023

Schloss Bröllin | Fahrenwalde (DE)


CapturedBodies @ Residenceprogram Schloss Bröllin

18. - 28. June 2023

The residency program at Schloss Bröllin allows ensembles and groups, especially when their members come from different places/countries, a concentrated production phase. During the residency, appropriate working space, accommodation, advice and catering are provided. The residency program is intended to support the production and is aimed at artists who are working on a new production or would like to revise an earlier project for resumption.

CapturedBodies_ an interdisciplinary dance performance in which the performing bodies create a kinetic light sculpture in space and an electronic orchestra.

In the course of the project it is investigated how the individual movement material changes when it simultaneously becomes sound material through technical body modification, thereby dissolving the classical boundary between choreography and composition. In cyclic improvisations, movement material is developed that an AI associates with sound progressions (phrases). The AI learns to reproduce a unique sound sequence for a given movement pattern. This creates a musical instrument that can be trained and played with individual movement material.

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