ArtesMobiles was founded by Nina Maria Stemberger (director) and Birk Schmithüsen (media artist) and has been producing forward-looking performances since 2013. We are looking for ways to dissolve academic categories and break down the boundaries between art, theatre and technology. That's why we stage across genres and expand the performing arts with new media in our performances.

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CapturedBodies questions the creative potential of technical body extension and the danger of surveillance and manipulation in the InternetOfBodies. Using a self-built motion suit, the dancers' movements are captured and the data sent to a machine learning system that analyzes them and generates sounds from them.

CitizenAI explores a possible near future, where the climate politics of Hamburg is transferred to a citizen council advised by researchers, an AI and a system dynamics model.

SystemFailed is a participatory performance where the audience can influence the course of the action. Three researchers use the audience as a micro-society that is analyzed, evaluated and shaped by AI. The AI becomes an autonomous actor and the outcome of each performance is as uncertain as our near future. 

The interactive performance takes place on a mobile stage that is set up within residential complexes. Windows and balconies become box seats, the audience interacts with the performers via telephone. This creates a neighborhood atmosphere and enables encounters.

We have designed a format within the Corona Lockdown that allows the audience to meet each other in a virtual theater space. Here a collective experience can be lived.

A 72-hour performance for 36C3 (Chaos Communication Congress) 2019. I pose I post, so I am.

The aesthetic experiment is designed for a small group attending the training process of a neural network in our mobile test lab.
A light object of 13,000 LEDs shows shapes and patterns that the neural network associates to sounds.

*JU.PI.TER* is a dance performance, installation and audiovisual spectacle site- specifically developed for the Fusion Festival. The staging is a constantly changing, living set design - a symbiosis of performers, video projections, light, sound and stage - evolving over 4 hours in 4 nights.

This installative performance is an interplay of performers, light, projections, sounds and the audience. Using an analog phone system, guests can communicate with each other and with the performers.

Welcome, dear passenger, on a voyage through a surreal landscape. Meet us, let us touch you, let yourself fall. LaBodega is a 10 minute introverted and exclusive performative installation designed for a single audience member. LaBodega invites each guest into the interior of a modified 12-meter antique bus, a hidden world. 

“Squareland” is a Persiflage on replaceability of the individual in our consumer society. It counts not the character any more, but its replaceable function in the system of mass production. Six characters are acting in two hierarchic worlds, which seem to be dependent on one another.

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