February - June 2022

Akademie für Theater und Digitalität | Dortmund (DE)

Financed by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes, the Academy will award a total of 54 scholarships for five months each in the years 2019 – 2022, usually for the months September to January and February to June.

The call for applications is aimed at artists, technicians and post-graduate fellows who have a keen interest in researching artistic-technical relations within digital narratives in theatre spaces, as well as putting those into practice. We are hoping for applicants who want to research and work with digital methods (e.g. Motion Capturing, Coding, XR, VR, AR, Robotics, Computer Sciences, Sound, Film, Interaction Design…).
The fellowships are destined to provide theatre artists and technicians with the option to begin their planned research projects, to realize their drafts and to continue or finalize their ongoing projects.


Flor de Fuego + Naoto Hieda, Gilda Coustier, Frieder Miller + Mark Mushiva, Sóley Sigurjónsdóttir, Meredith Thomas, Kerstin Ergenzinger + Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari und Martin Hennecke


In our research project during the fellowship we interpret the multimedia performance space as a life-like entity that interacts with the body, the movement and the location of the performers. The multimedia space itself becomes an actor that influences the action and interacts with the performers. We work with different sensors, which are put into correlative relation to moving heads, projections and sound by a machine learning system and thus create a complex interaction relationship.

We are also investigating how a choreography can be developed in virtual space and then implemented with many performers and the same number of moving heads and individual sound sources in the stage space. To do this, we create a collection of movements that we record with the help of a motion capture system and choreograph it in the 3D programme. We are researching how we can represent all performers as digital actors and simulate interaction with synthesizers and moving heads.

More Information about our research: MergingEntities 

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