Aktionsgesellschaft Artes Mobiles e.V.

We promote art, cultural, educational and mediation work within the framework of free, self-determined, anti-racist, queer-feminist as well as low-hierarchical projects.
In particular, the dissemination of artistic approaches through cultural exchange, artistic research, socio-cultural and intercultural encounters shall be mediated. The association wants to bring aesthetic experience in the field of cultural education and thus contribute to a free and self-determined growing up and learning.

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We supported the following projects:

2021-2022 Bruchlandvogel by Hannah Manek & Anja Franke

A socio-cultural project in and with Leuna

From October 2021 to May 2022, an independent socio-cultural project took place in Leuna with different formats. In the process, people were invited to participate and express themselves in various ways. There were workshops, interviews and gatherings, as well as a resulting audio walk through Leuna. Seeing the city with new eyes, encountering it playfully, listening to stories and listening to other non-human voices. In the listening walk, residents and visitors were invited to meet and explore their own or a foreign city together.

The initiative is a union of Hannah Maneck and Anja Franke with support of the action company Artes Mobiles e.v. and has its work emphasis in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. Our goal is the development of artistically sophisticated, contemporary theater and performance formats beyond the big city. We want to give socio-political topics a framework that brings local actors into conversation with each other through participation, spins visions and creates access to new art forms.

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Bruchlandvogel supported by:

2021-2022 R♡J_ein Hosentaschentheater a pocket theater by Nina Maria Stemberger

Searching for clues with cell phone and messenger-service.

A project with the youth centers OFT Geyserhaus e.V. , OFT Jugendclub Wiederitzsch and IB 50° Nordost in Leipzig. 

Based on the story of Romeo and Juliet, the project encourages people to find parallels to today. In creative challenges, young people explore their surroundings and work together to present their findings at the end. In the form of photo, video, sound and text contributions, the young people can, for example, tell about their costume for the masquerade ball, come up with a new family crest or go in search of special places

R♡J_a pockt theater supported by:

2021 SystemFailed:exchange by ArtesMobiles

"SystemFailed:exchange" is a performative workshop in which we test the use of the self-developed AI system together with the participants. Examining the power structures within our digitalised world, we will embark on a research journey that is a simulation game, a test-run and an analysis of our own beviors all at the same time. Devoting ourselves to the question of how deeply artificial intelligence intervenes in our lives, we will examine and question the effects of algorithmically controlled systems of power in a playful way. With the help of a personalised tracking system, participants will experience in real time how an artificial intelligence predicts and evaluates their movements in space. Seemingly arbitrary machine decisions will be linked to a strict system of rules that will emerge through the improvised play of participants and performers. A temporary micro-society will be formed with and through the AI - and the question of how we want to shape it.

SystemFailed:exchange supported by:

With the kind support of the residency program of HELLERAU-European Center for the Arts, Dresden.

2021 "Musik in den Hort" with Geyserhaus

The cooperation project "Music in the after-school program" has been running since 2017 and involves four elementary schools in Eutritzsch and Möckern. Every week, an hour of musical education is offered in the after-school program, with dance and music teachers singing with the students, playing dance and movement games, and doing music and rhythm exercises. The project is supported by the Saxon Ministry of Science, Culture and Tourism.

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2020 BehindWalls by ArtesMobiles

With "BehindWalls" we have created a format for you, the audience, to meet in the virtual theatre space. This evening you will not spend anonymously and lonely in front of your screen, on the contrary! Here you will have a collective experience and maybe you will finally get the answer from the universe that you have always been waiting for.
BehindWalls sees itself as a platform for artists of the “free scenes”. The dance_ video_ performance_ music_contributions have been created in China, Germany, Greece, Switzerland and Spain.

The online streaming is not public, but designed for a few viewers, which makes the evening a special and intimate experience.

The proceeds of this campaign are intended to benefit people who live in the camps in front of the fences of Fortress Europe under unworthy, inhuman and hopeless conditions


SystemFailed:experience supported by:

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