Squareland (2013)


is a Persiflage on replaceability of the individual in our consumer society. It counts not the character any more, but its replaceable function in the system of mass production. Six characters are acting in two hierarchic worlds, which seem to be dependent on one another. In contrast to the colourful shimmering world of the gambling in television, we find the monotony of the work at an assembly line. Space for emotions and humanity only exists within the dream world into which the characters escape. The scenery of the assembly line is similar to a video game. There are different levels of difficulty that must be managed, but that doesn’t change anything on the monotony of the work.

The participators of a game show enjoy it to be a star for one night, to be the better one and shine in the spotlight. They lead the workers – their avatars – without being aware of their humanity. The connection is only rooted in the system, not on a social level.




Laura Friedrich, Henne Fritze, Daviz García García, Alexander Hector, Elias Liermann, Tom Lux, Hannah Maneck, Birk Schmithüsen, Nina Maria Stemberger, Katharina Titze, Franzi Wegner

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