SystemFailed (2022)


a performative AI experiment  

»Does digitalization lead to more freedom, or does it endanger our humanity?«

This is the question posed by the performance group ArtesMobiles as part of a social experiment.  The audience forms a temporary micro-society that is observed and investigated by three researchers. Every movement is tracked by an artificial intelligence (AI) and evaluated with a specific scoring system. In the field of tension between individuality and collective action, the question of self-determination arises in a seemingly overpowering system.


The technical development is documented here.





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past dates


10.October 2023 - 18:00 + 20:30
Kultur Digital Kongress der Kulturstiftung des Bundes | Zollverein Essen

28. + 29. + 30. October. 22
ZiMMT Leipzig

07. + 08. October. 22
@ Politik im freien Theater, Frankfurt am Main

19.March. 22 - 6:00 & 8:30 pm (unfortunately cancelled due to Corona)
@ ZKM Karlsruhe

18.March. 22 - 6:00 & 8:30 pm (unfortunately cancelled due to Corona)
@ ZKM Karlsruhe

04.March. 22 - 5:30 & 8:30 pm
@ Schaubühne Lindenfels

03.March. 22 - 7:00 pm
Premiere @ Schaubühne Lindenfels

26.Nov. - 28.Nov. 21
Next Level Festival @ Zollverein Essen

29.Okt. - 30.Okt. 21
Hybrid Play Festival @ HELLERAU


Concept: ArtesMobiles | Performance: Milena Gürtler, Mad Kate, Juliane Torhorst | Direction: Nina Maria Stemberger | Audiovisual Direction: Birk Schmithüsen | Sound Design: Elisa Battisutta | Lighting Design: Hans Leser | Dramaturgical Support: Lea-Maria Kneisel | Visuals: Wieland Hilker, Caren Müller | Programming TouchDesigner: Lennart Beese | Programming machine learning (AI): Marcus Ding | Costume: Juan Chamié, Mad Kate | Technical direction: Hendrik Fritze | Light operator: Fabian Arat, Luise Graeff | Tracking: Fabian Luepke | Moderation: Flugwerk | Technical assistance: Sophie Krause | Assistant director: Elisabeth Eichler, Jasmin Lein | Accounting Management: Irina Hofmann | Video documentation: Alexander Hector | Photo documentation: Caroline Wimmer | Graphics: Max Adam | Web design: Benji Lee Martin | Production assistance: Isabella Jahns | Production management revival: ehrliche arbeit - Kulturbüro

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Nina Maria Stemberger

is a performance artist, choreographer, theater and dance educator. She cofounded the performance company ArtesMobiles. In her work, she repeatedly asks herself how art in public space can be an integral part of the development of future perspectives and how it can be shaped.

further projects: FlyingDrinks, BehindWalls, SpeculativeAI, *JU.PI.TER*, MagicDrink, LaBodega, SquareLand

Birk Schmithuesen

is a media artist living in Leipzig. His work is shown internationally at key media art festivals in France, Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Germany, including re:publica, Chaos Communication Congress, Ars Electronica Festival and ZKM. Birk Schmithüsen is co-founder of ArtesMobiles and FlashClash. For collaborations with the performing arts, he produces interactive audiovisual environments using generative sound design, multi-channel sound, lighting design, video projection mapping and motion tracking.
The performers can interact with the immersive sceneries and the audience is diving into.

further projects: FlyingDrinks, BehindWalls, SpeculativeAI, *JU.PI.TER*, MagicDrink, LaBodega, SquareLand

Jule Torhorst

(actor, director, theatre pedagogy) lives in Berlin and works as a theatre maker in whole Germany. She creates artistic-political formats with site specific performances. She unites performing arts with social relevant questions, guides development of plays with amateurs and pros. And she is playing in international productions on stage. Funder member of children theatre KOLONASTIX, culture association „Neu am See“, 1000Gestalten, Künstler mit Herz Brandenburg.

Milena Gürtler

is an actress with a focus on dance and singing. She studied at the Bongôrt-v. Roy in Leipzig. She has worked with the Sebastian Weber Company, choreographer Gundula Peuthert and musical theatre director Anja Winkler. During her study trips to Paris, Istanbul and Israel, she deepened her knowledge of contemporary dance and performance art in various further education courses. With the desire to experience spaces outside the conventional theatre space through music, movement and language, the ensemble Soundtravelers was founded in 2017. Their performative promenade concert at the Pergamonmuseum Berlin won the prize for re-performability.

further projects: FlyingDrinks



Kathryn Fischer | Mad Kate

(they/them) is an electronic producer, sound designer,      performance artist and writer who began working the Berlin performance and club scene in 2004, expanding their unique identity-queering, genderfucking and sexpositive performative work throughout music, theatre and film. Their explorations of borders between/within bodies and touch as political practice have brought them to theaters, communes, technomansions, prisons, dungeons, squats and galleries around the world, often with their multimedia artist duo HYENAZ.


Elisa Batti

is a sound designer, producer and media artist based in Amsterdam.

Her works have been presented in many venues worldwide such as : Palais de Tokyo, Taiwan National Theater, Ballet National de Marseille, Kinetica Museum London, Elbphilarmonie Hamburg,…, just to name some.

After the experience of leading Violet Fall (2013), a band released under the Japan­ese label Progressive Form, since 2015 Elisa Batti slowly stepped actively into the techno environment as a producer and DJ. 
In 2018 she found together with her friend Cyb, the label Immaterial Archives.

She is currently working as a lecturer at the Anton de Kom University and also as a free­lancer engineer for research projects.

Hans Leser

is a lighting designer, lighting technician, effects artist and electronics hobbyist. In addition to freelance work as a lighting technician in the theatre and event sector, since 2006 he has worked as a lighting designer for various theatre productions at HAU (Berlin), Ballhaus Naunynstraße (Berlin), Theater am Neumarkt (Zurich), Theaterdiscounter (Berlin), Volkstheater Wien, Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin. He has worked with directors Patrick Wengenroth, Barbara Weber, Bruce LaBruce, Nurkan Erpulat, Hakan Savas Mican, Christiane Rösinger and the groups Die Skills, CHEAP and Rimini Protokoll, among others.

Caren Müller

is a visual artist and has worked as a creative director at LiCHTPiRATEN since 2006. She lives in Berlin/Uckermark.

LiCHTPiRATEN is an artists' collective with many years of experience in designing and planning of international audio-visual events. Their performances are projection art composed with music, live and site-specific. The generative visuals arise from the sounds, orientate themselves to the space and interact with it. Mapping, tracking and sensors are connected with generative techniques.


Lennart Beese

started out as a computer science nerd and ended up as an event technician, somehow always following the red thread of a creative, creative and empowering approach to technology. In this sense, he has been involved in organising the Chaos Communication Congress and other events of the Chaos Computer Club since 2013 - which is also how he got to know ArtesMobiles.

In addition to computer gadgetry and colourful glow in all walks of life, he is also often involved in the attempt to do something for the much-vaunted better world that is rumoured to be possible and has recently joined Cadus e.V. for this purpose.

Marcus Ding

is responsible for SystemFailed's machine learning parts. He is currently studying for a master's degree in IT Systems Engineering at Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam with practical projects and research in machine learning and human-computer interaction. At the same time, he designs light installations, other maker projects, and programs as a freelance developer for various art projects. In 2020 he contributed to the open-source project FreeCAD as a participant in the Google Summer of Code program.



Hendrik Henne Fritze

is a light pirate and projection lover since 2008. With his company Beamaround is active in many different  fields of projection and projects.

For SystemFailed he is helping out as technical director and videospecialist.

Luise Graeff

Lighting designer and technician, she has been working with light and performance since 2012. She completed her training as an event technician at Theater des Westens Berlin in 2017. Since then she has been working in Berlin as a lighting technician at the Weiten Theater für Puppen und Menschen, Deutsche Oper, Maxim Gorki Theater and Fabrik Potsdam. Among other things, she worked on the lighting design and its implementation for Carly Lave's Golem dance performance at the Uferstudios Berlin.
Lilu Graeff is part of the FLINTA* lighting collective Infrariot. With their work they support projects that pursue activist content artistically and politically, such as the 13° Festival Bremen, Invision Festival and the Fusion/PlanetC.

Lea Kneisel

Lea-Maria Kneisel studied Theater and Media, German Studies, Dramaturgy as well as Politics, Media and Performance in Bayreuth, Frankfurt am Main and Aberysthwyth (Wales).

In the past years she worked for different theater and performance projects as a performer as well as in the field of dramaturgy, press and public relations. Since 2018, as part of the collective artistic direction of FLUGWERK, she has been focusing on opening up artistic work processes to audiences as well as on further developing appropriate feedback methods for artistic practice. In addition, she is responsible for the press and public relations of the Uferstudios for contemporary dance in Berlin.

For SystemFailed she accompanies the dramaturgical process.

Alexander Hector

studied film at the Kunsthochschule in Hamburg, lives in Berlin and has been working as a freelance filmmaker for 12 years. He works in feature films and documentaries and has shot countless films, trailers and documentaries in the beautiful world of theatre and puppet theatre. Other projects are clearly inspired by the stylised aesthetics of the stage.

further projects: FlyingDrinks, SquareLand, LaBodega, JU*PI*TER



Caroline Wimmer

born and raised in Thüringen, Caroline moved to Berlin in 2000 to study European Ethnology and Modern History. That went well and took a while. Upon finishing in 2009  she decided that she would have to become a photographer after all.

Over the years she has founded her photo studio ATP24 in Berlin at Treptower Park where she follows her passion of portrait photography. Also she works as an event photographer for several agancies.
 Aside from her commercial work she engages in independent projects such as fashion editorials and experimental photography.

Wishing to combine her love for photography and techno, she applied as a festival photographer at Garbicz Festival in 2018. That was how the collaboration with ArtesMobiles started.

further projects: FlyingDrinks, MagicDrink, Festival photography for Galeria Iluzja at Garbicz 2018 and 2019, C36



Eli Eichler | Bob Jones

studied French and English literature as well as photography in Leipzig, Berlin, Gießen and Montpellier. Her photographs have been exhibited internationally in cities such as Arles, Toronto, Bratislava, Auckland, Monaco and Kuusamo. In addition to her fine art projects, the language and photo artist has been travelling the world with a self-made wooden camera since 2016. Eli captures her encounters at art and cultural events, festivals and on the street in analogue portraits that are instantly developed. The finished prints from the mobile darkroom are then sent as a travelling exhibition in all directions. / 

further projects: Galeria Iluzja, CCC, Behind Walls, Lato Meio-Residenz 

Sophie Borchert | Wilma larum

completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in integrated design at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. She is employed as a graphic designer and she works in interdisciplinary exchange with other artists on independent projects in Leipzig. Her favourite colour is green.

further projects: FlyingDrinks, BehindWalls

Isabella Jahns

is studying communication and media sciences at the University of Leipzig and gaining experience in the field of PR and public relations. She has always been interested in theatre and creative work, as well as in the process of developing different projects and the interaction of all participants.

Jasmin Lein

studies English and theater at the University of Leipzig. She has been involved in various theater projects and is interested in their creation processes.
Other projects: FlyingDrinks


The FLUGWERK team consists of six women who are professionally active in the fields of acting, performance, directing, production, project coordination, dramaturgy and public relations, and who also have specialist knowledge in politics, literature, cultural and media studies, mediation and cooking. The team works collectively on the continuous further development of its own format of the OFFENEN PROBE and in this context is concerned with opening up artistic work processes in front of and for an audience. This is accompanied by the ongoing collection, (further) development and provision of communication and feedback methods for artistic practice. In the context of SystemFailed, different team members of FLUGWERK will take over the moderation of the discussion format, to which the audience will be invited after the SystemFailed work shows.

With the kind support of the residency program of HELLERAU-European Center for the Arts, Dresden.

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